Document Report

The following list is a list of all available documents provided by the Association of Realtors to its members. The documents are sorted by category and then alphabetically by document name.

Document Name Publish Date File Type
2019 BYLAWS7/15/2019DOC
2020 Code of Ethics6/8/2020PDF
2020 Code6/9/2020PDF
1st VP 2021 - Charlotte Ragan8/17/2020PDF
2nd VP 2021 - Cullin Smith8/17/2020PDF
3YR Term 2021 - Jacey-Kay Carter8/18/2020PDF
3YR Term 2021 - Laura Rice8/18/2020PDF
3YR Term 2021 - Tracy Brugette8/18/2020PDF
President 2021 - James Johnson8/17/2020PDF
Secretary 2021 - Barbara Kearns8/18/2020PDF
Treasurer 2021 - Sammy Scoggin8/18/2020PDF
MLS and Lockbox Forms
SETX MLS Rules & Regulations (2019)7/15/2019DOC
Lockbox Transfer-Request Form3/31/2015PDF